About us

As founder and master craftsman at Becker Furniture, James Becker built his first piece of furniture in high school shop class in Canton, Kansas over 35 years ago. During his time in that class he made a slant-top desk and a coffee table which still serve him to this day. Later while working as a machinist in a tool and die factory he built custom furniture out of his basement.

In 1987, James and his young family moved to Pennsylvania to accept a position building solid wood furniture for a small furniture company. In the years since, he has built hundreds of pieces of furniture in pine, oak, and cherry.

Woodworking quickly became a family business. James set up his shop when his oldest child was six and with three more children following, had help in the shop almost every day. His children found many interesting things to do and make in the shop during their growing-up years. They became proficient at woodworking to the point of building and selling a line of about thirty different toys. Trucks and trains sold the best.

The style most attractive to us is the one unencumbered by the aimless arch or busy variety. It is challenging to blend function, uniformity, proportion, and durability into one attractive piece. Solid wood ages beautifully, and will look better each day as the tone and character of the wood matures.