Silverware Chests

Our chests

Each one of our silverware chests is hand made from locally grown and sawn lumber. We offer three types of silverware chests.

Lidded chests have one drawer and a hinged lid, and offer storage for up to 16 place settings. The drawer and the lid are fully lined with your choice of velvet. The lid includes a slotted knife holder that keeps knives clean and separated from one another. The drawer includes a lined slotted holder for forks, spoons, and other cutlery. All of our lidded chests feature 90 degree stop hinges to support the lid while in the open position.

Three-drawer silverware chests feature lined drawers. Our customers like these chests because silverware is stored flat and is easily accessible. The top drawer includes a slotted and lined knife holder, while the middle and lower drawers are lined similarly to the lidded models.

The mini buffet silverware chest is much more than just a silverware chest. This piece of furniture will add elegance to any dining room and has ample room for larger silverware sets. Drawers are fully lined with slotted knife and cutlery holders. The lower cabinet is perfect for storing china or a stoneware dining set between meals.

The wood

We offer several wood types to fit a variety of tastes and décors.

Antique Chestnut is reclaimed locally from old barns. This wood contains nail and spike holes, distinctive worm holes and tracks, and a varying grain pattern. Because of it's unique source and limited supply reclaimed Antique American chestnut preserves a bit of history as well adding heirloom value. A chest made from this wood is given the same high quality finish as our other woods.

Cherry has a light reddish tone when new and darkens with age, especially with exposure to light. It is a fine grained wood, finishing beautifully.

Walnut is a darker wood with a clear grain figure. It has a warm chocolate brown tone and can be stained to help retain its naturally dark color. Walnut tends to lighten over time.

Quarter-Sawn White Oak is a very dense hardwood with a straight grain. A sawyer reveals this characteristic by sawing the log at a right angle to the growth rings of the tree. This exposes the “flake,” an outstanding and unique feature of this wood.

Other woods are available upon request. Just ask!


Modesto Silverware Chest
The Modesto silverware chest in Cherry, Terra Finish. 13¾” D x 17 ½” W x 8 ½” H. $325.


Mira Silverware Chest
The Mira silverware chest in Walnut, Ebony Finish. 13 ½” D x 16 ½” W x 10” H. $370.


Galleria Silverware Chest
The Galleria silverware chest in Walnut, Ebony Finish. 13 ¼” D x 18 3/4” W x 10 ¼” H. $365.


Towne Silverware Chest
The Towne silverware chest in Cherry, Espresso Finish. Hinged Lid. 13 ¼” D x 19” W x 8 ½” H. $370.


Madison Silverware Chest
The Madison silverware chest in Cherry, Terra finish 13 ¾” deep x 17 ½” wide x 9” H. $365.

We invite you to shop our Becker Furniture Etsy shop, where you can purchase ready-made silverware chests.


Crescent Silverware Chest
The Crescent silverware chest in Cherry, Heritage Finish. 13 ¼” D x 19 ¾” W 10 ¼” H. $385.

For all available options and printable order form, click here.

Silverware Chest Buffets

Combining storage for dinnerware behind the raised panel doors, and velvet lined drawers for the storage of silverware, the buffet doubles its usefulness.

Mini Buffet Silverware Chest
Mini Buffet in Antique Chestnut, Terra Finish. 18” D x 29 ½” W x 30” H. $825 and down.

Aria Buffet
Aria Buffet in Cherry, Terra Finish. The overall dimensions are 17” D x 34” W x 33” H. Top size is 16 ½” D x 34” W. $840.

Aria Buffet
Drawers are fully-lined and feature heavy duty full-extension glides for longevity and ease of use.
Aria Buffet
Drawers are fully-lined and feature heavy duty full-extension glides for longevity and ease of use.